ALR Revolution 6X6

ALR Part # Description
74636601 ALR Revolution 6X6 200/512 Model 1-128
74636701 ALR Revolution 6X6 200/1MB Model 1-128
74636602 ALR Revolution 6X6 200/512 Model B
(includes 9-GB SCSI hard drive & 10/100 Ethernet Adapter)
11910200 DataStation Ultra-11 Expansion Cabinet (11-1.6" High Hot Swap Cage)


Processor Design: Intel Pentium® Pro processor; 200-MHz with 64-bit data path, integrated dual 8-KB L1 and 512-KB or 1-MB L2 cache per processor
Number of Processors: Onboard symmetric multiprocessing supporting up to six Pentium Pro processors
Chipset: Intel 450GX. Intel MP Spec 1.1 & 1.4 compliant.
System Bus Architecture: 32-bit PCI and EISA bus master 64-bit data path between processors and memory (256-bit with 4-way memory interleave)
Standard Memory: 128-MB RAM standard model 1 configuration (60ns, 36-bit ECC SIMMs)
Memory Expansion: Expandable to 2-GB ECC with 1, 2, & 4 way interleave support, or 4-GB ECC DIMM support with optional DIMM memory board
Graphics: 2-MB DRAM PCI Graphics Adapter
CD-ROM Drive: SCSI CD-ROM drive
Controllers Integrated dual-channel PCI/IDE interface supporting up to 4 IDE devices; supports PIO Modes 0-4. Integrated 16-bit Ultra wide SCSI interface (Adaptec 7880)
Floppy Controller: Integrated floppy controller supporting up to two floppy devices; support for 1.44MB and 2.88MB formats
Floppy Drive: 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive (occupying one of the 3.5" drive bays)
Total Expansion Slots: Twelve: Seven 32-bit PCI slots, Four 32-bit EISA, and One PCI/EISA shared slot
Total Storage Bays: Fourteen: One external 3.5" floppy drive bay (occupied with 3.5" floppy); One external 3.5" front accessible bay, One internal 3.5" bay; Five 5.25" front accessible half-height devices (one occupied with CD-ROM); Six 3.5" ALR Quick Hot Swap (1" & 1.6" support). Up to 78-GB total fixed storage.
Supported Software: MS Windows NT (SMP); Novell Netware (SMP); IBM OS/2 (SMP); SCO UNIX (MPX/SMP); Sun Solaris (SMP); UnixWare (SMP).
I/O Ports: Two serial ports (16550 UART); one parallel port (ECP/EPP); one mouse port; one keyboard port
BIOS: Phoenix Upgradeable Flash BIOS. Intel MP Spec. 1.1 & 1.4 compliant.
Physical Dimensions: 26.75"H x 12.75"W x 23"D, 115 lb. (approximately)
Power Supply: 1050-Watt (3x350-Watt) Redundant N+1 Power Supply with optional Hot Spare module
Server Management: ALR InforManager 2.X - embedded server management functions include ActiveCPR (Central Processor Recovery for Windows NT), monitoring of temperatures, voltages, fans, power supply fault status, ECC memory status with reset, system information, CPU and drive activity. Monitoring is facilitated through touchscreen LCD control panel and software applets. Remote monitoring and alerting supported under Windows NT, Novell NetWare, and SCO Unix.
Security: User and supervisor password, fixed disk boot sector protection, system backup and virus check reminder, keyboard inhibit, and locking bezel door and chassis
Compliance: FCC Class A, TUV, CE, CSA & UL approved. Year 2000 Ready
Warranty: 5/36 Limited Warranty (5 years system, 36 months factory installed options, 36 months labor); free 3 year on-site service; free telephone hardware technical support; and support through ALR TechFAX, CompuServe, America Online, BBS, and the Internet (

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rev date: 02/26/02

Features, Functions, Benefits

Supports up to Six Pentium Pro 200/512 or 200/1MB Processors Provides the highest level of scaleable processing available in a PC server. 50% greater processor support than current "4-way" systems, adding performance and reliability.
Intel 450GX Chipset Coordinates memory, processor and I/O communication. High-performance subsystems run in unison, within Intel standards.
Multiprocessor Spec (MP)
1.1 & 1.4 compliant
Provides an industry SMP standard that the Revolution 6X6 architecture complies with. Ensures compatibility with standard "off-the-shelf" Operating Systems and applications.
ALR Dynamic Orchestration™ Coordinates management of CPU arbitration process. Delivers maximum performance from all six CPU’s.
Server Management
(ALR InforManager 2.0)
Hardware/software monitoring of key system features and functions. Increases availability and reliability by providing pre-failure warnings.
Active CPR
(Central Processor Recovery)
Clean recovery of server operations in event of CPU, fan or voltage failure. High availability of server without user intervention.
Touch screen LCD Panel Provides system management information via front panel display. Instant access to critical system data at the touch of a finger.
Hot-plugable/redundant N+1 power supply subsystem 1050-watts (3x350 + 1x350 spare) Provides fault tolerance redundancy in case of failed power supply.
128-MB RAM Standard ECC (Error checking & correcting) parity Memory is industry standard 72 pin SIMMs (60ns) Large amount of RAM, provides excellent performance.
Maximum RAM Expansion 2-GB (SIMM) or
Allows flexible expansion as memory needs change.
Fourteen Storage Bays (Tower)
Ten bays (Rackmount)
Three 3.5" bays
Five 5.25" bays
Six 3.5" ALR Quick Hot Swap Raid Ready (1" & 1.6" devices)
Provides tremendous expansion. QHS RAID ready cage enables fault tolerance for failed drives.
Twelve Expansion Slots (Tower)
Eight slots (Rackmount)
Seven 32-bit PCI;
Four 32-bit EISA;
One shared PCI/EISA
Flexibility and expandability to customize system for today's and tomorrow's needs
Revolution 6X6 Storage Expander Provides eleven additional hot-swap ready storage bays in attachable chassis. Includes self-contained N+1 power supply subsystem. Attach up to two storage expanders to main 6X6 unit, deploying up to 100-GB maximum storage from each expander.
Integrated Fast/Wide Ultra SCSI On board Adaptec 7880. Supports high performance Ultra Fast/Wide SCSI devices. Saves the use of expansion slots.
ALR 5/36 Warranty Industry leading five year/36 month warranty includes three years of on-site service. Ensures quality and reliability of system. On-site service provides prompt and easy maintenance.
Also available in Rack-Mountable form factor. Provides housing for multiple servers and components. Centralized design saves space and organizes server installations, as well as ease of service and maintenance.