These are are few tools and utilities that I've found useful.
Category Name Description
Media Audacity Free digital audio editor. Needs LAME to make MP3s.
Media Exact Audio Copy Free audio copy utility. Needs LAME to make MP3s.
Media LAME Lame Ain't an MP3 Encoder. Library used by several applications to make MP3s.
Media Tag and Rename Trialware MP3 tag editor. Excellent for standardizing your MP3 collections tags.
Media AV Album Art Fixer Shareware. Scan all your albums for errors and empty album art.
Media RazorLame Graphical front-end for use with LAME. Useful for making ringtones.
Media K-Lite Codecs Free video codecs.
EMail Blat Win32 console utility to send mail via SMTP or post to usenet via NNTP
Admin Change Changes text within a file
Admin Dircase Win32 GUI utility to change case on directory names
Admin Echo Ping-like utility with logging used for network debugging.
Admin RegexBuilder A tool for developing and testing regular expressions. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.
Admin Regular Expression Workbench Graphical front-end for use with LAME. Useful for making ringtones.
Admin Real VNC Free remote control utility. Excellent.
Admin FileZilla Free FTP client. Excellent.
Admin CutePDF Writer Free PDF creator.
Admin MWSnap Free screen capture utility.
Admin CCleaner Free system optimization utility.
Admin SIW
System Information for Windows
Gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings. Free and commercial version (I recommend the Technician's Version)
Admin OpenDNS Free configurable DNS service.
Admin SpinRite Commercial hard disk recovery and maintenance utility. A "must have".