Use Audacity to Capture Sounds

You can make a ringtone out of just about any sound file. Because of the limited frequency reproduction range of most cell phones, some sounds are more audible than others.

But, you can easily try any sound.


For starters, you'll need a sound file editing tool like Audacity. And, since you'll eventually want to save output into MP3 format, you 'll need the LAME utility. See the Audacity site or documentation on how to install LAME.

Then, you can use Audacity to capture sounds from a microphone, the line-in jack, or from a CD. They, you can isolate an interesting snippet by deleting the sound before and after the snippet, and applying the "fade in" and "fade out" effects to smooth out both ends. Export the snipped as a .WAV format.


Use RazorLame to export MP3s

Many cell phones can use MP3 files as ringtones. However, some of them are rather pickky about the MP3 sampling rate, etc. Using RazorLame and its default settings to do the MP3 compression, overcomes that obstacle.


Riff Tones

These are some riff ringtones that I've made using the above techniques.

Water Song 1 Water Song 2
Be My Lover Elected
I'm Eighteen Sex, Death and Money
Bleed the Freak Love, hate, love
Rooster Rock Steady
Rebel Yell OD'ed on Life Itself
Right Place, Wrong Time Rock Bottom
Falling Away from Me Black Dog
Pushing me Away Comfortably Numb
Time Californication
Snow Dancing in the Moonlight
Jenny Chevrolet