AST Desktop "Other" Files

10522038.exeEISACU 2.82 Premium SE/TE w/BIOS Before v2.0403903
10522039.exeEISA Config Files for ISA Adapters v2.62181796
10918031.exeEISACU 2.84 Non-PCI Systems w/BIOS >= 2.0399224
11265315.exePCNet Drv v2.52 NDIS,NDIS3,ODI,Packet Drivers287171
11265316.exePCNet Drv v2.52 Novell/Packet/Generic Boot ROM855440
11265317.exePCNet Drv v2.52 SCO UNIX Driver85572
11283319.exePremmia GX NCR SCSI Drivers v1.08290782
11283320.exePremmia GX SCSI v1.08 (SCO Unix only)451483
11370037.exeBravo MS Premmia MX ISA Config Util 1/3800305
11370038.exeBravo MS Premmia MX ISA Config Util 2/31189444
11370039.exeBravo MS Premmia MX ISA Config Util (DOS) 3/3202909
11371039.exeEISACU for Premmia GX Systems, v1.08591622
11618034.exeHDR AST Multimedia Systems, Sony, v1.4781190
11730038.exeAdvantage! HDR Boot Disks, v1.07 1 of 21071845
11730039.exeAdvantage! HDR Boot Disk, v1.07 2 of 21426396
11864032.exeSanyo 4x CD-ROM drivers v. 1.4055398
11872032.exeHard Disk Restore File v.1.01 -AST Works592398
11906031.exeVibra16 drivers v1.02 Installation Disk448826
11906032.exeVibra16 driversv.1.02 Applications Disk1149256
11906033.exeVibra16 driversv.1.02 Accessories Disk 31109449
11906034.exeVibra16 driversv.1.02 Utilities Disk 4 o711330
11909033.exeAST Works StarCom Update 1.01 1 of 21396306
11909034.exeAST Works StarCom Update 1.01 2 of 2428701
11934031.exeAdvantage! 8100P Hard Disk Restore v.1.01001644
11934032.exeAdvantage! 8100P Hard Disk Restore v.1.01417203
11950035.exeCrystal CS4232 Audio Drv Windows 3.x v1.30 1/2896327
11950036.exeCrystal CS4232 Audio Drv Windows 3.x v1.30 2/2996047
11954031.exeESS 1869 Audio Drivers, Win95, v1.00107215
11954032.exeESS 1869 Audio Drivers, WinNT 4.0,v1.00109399
11954033.exeESS 1869 Audio Drivers, Win3.11, v1.00244723
11954034.exeESS 1869 Audio Drivers, OS/2, v1.00340636
11955032.exeAdv!2000/Adv!4200 HD Restore,v1.01, ME523565
12217034.exeCrystal CS4232 Audio Drv Win95, v1.24387455
12217035.exeCrystal CS4232 Audio Drv Win95, v1.51455375
12241036.exeAdvantage! 4075p 61x/81x HDR Disk 1.05511522
12241037.exeAdvantage! 4075p 61x/81x HDR Disk 1.06512470
12380031.exeVibra 16S Drivers Win95 v1.00 1/4-Drivers735494
12380032.exeVibra 16S Drivers Win95 v1.00 2/4-Installation1107806
12380033.exeVibra 16S Drivers Win95 v1.00 3/4-Applications1237521
12380034.exeVibra 16S Drivers Win95 v1.00 4/4-Accessories528621
12406032.exeAdv! 600/800 CD-ROM, HD Restore Diskette, v1.01542477
12416031.exeHDR Advantage! UK w/Modem 1.001054673
12419031.exeHDR Advantage! UK No Modem 1.00468201
12436032.exeHD Rest Diskette France Ver AST Works II518664
12446031.exeAdvantage! Adventure HDR 28.8 Modem 1.0510493
12454033.exeCrystal CS4232 Audio, Windows NT 1.11210885
12456031.exeSound Blaster 16 Driver 1.x Win NT 3.5139965
12474031.exeHD Rest Diskette Fr/Can Ver AST Works II523726
12492036.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.05, English954528
12493031.exeClearnvs Utility Diskette 1.035722
12619031.exeAdvantage! 62x ES1788 Win95 Audio Driver v1.00100692
12630032.exeHDR Diskette Advantage! 62x/82x v1.011100673
12674033.exeAdvantage! 800 Hard Disk Restore/Sweden v1.03978717
12704032.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.01, Norwegia919811
12731033.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.02, French710664
12732033.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.02, Italian647880
12733034.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.03, Danish662838
12734032.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.01, Finnish665334
12735031.exeAdvantage! 62x/82x Win95 Restore 1.00, German760436
12745031.exeAdvantage! 62x HD Fix UK/Ireland NoModem 1.001418120
12849031.exeHDR Advantage! 466 or 4100, v1.00 US469205
12909031.exeAdvantage! 622 Hard Disk Restore 1.00 U.S.952490
12916034.exeEtherExpress PRO100B Drivers, v 2.53803821
12983032.exeHD Restore for Advantage! 829, v1.01938564
13088031.exeESS 1788 Audio Drv Win3.1, v1.00, 1/21234720
13088032.exeESS 1788 Audio Drv Win3.1, v1.00, 2/21355295
13115031.exeBravo MS-T 6180/6200 Recovery Utility, v1.00302447
13158035.exeHDR Adv! 7000/9000, v1.04, UK/Ireland916791
13233034.exeHDR Swedish Advantage! Gamer, v1.03711100
13234034.exeHDR Norway Advantage! Gamer, v1.03730422
13235034.exeHDR French Advantage! Gamer, v1.03741460
13236032.exeHDR Finnish Advantage! Gamer, v1.01669941
13240031.exeHDR Swiss German Advantage! Gamer,v1.00685906
13241032.exeAdvantage! HDR 7000/9000, v1.01/Italy783022
13323034.exeAdvantage! Adventure 575 HDR, v1.03901356
13354034.exeToshiba 8X/12X CD-ROM Driver, v1.698486807
13354035.exeToshiba 8X/12X/16X/24X CD-ROM Dvr, v1.0480004
13462031.exeFix DOS Mode Disk Win95 Japan, v1.001330129
13483031.exeAdv!9000 HD Restore,Latin America v1.00733098
13524032.exeFixup for Boca ACF Modem, Version 1.011301487
13538031.exeAdvantage! French Canadian HDR, v1.00778657
13598032.exeAdvantage! 9000 HD Restore, v1.01807248
13602032.exeSamsung 8X CD-ROM Driver, v1.0977179
13603031.exeHitachi 8X CD-ROM Driver, v 1.06d2118749
13612032.exeAdv! 9000 French Canadian HDR, v1.01776858
13642031.exeSanyo(Torisan) 24XCAVCD-ROMDrv,v3.22d_s3112563
13645031.exeAdventure! 4400 HD Restore, v1.00 HK520242
13704031.exeBravo MS 24X HD Restore, v1.00 SNG642084
13706033.exeAdvantage! 500 Hard Disk Restore, v1.10670702
13724031.exeAdaptec SCSI 7800 Netware Drvrs, v1.00482419
13724032.exeAdaptec SCSI 7800 Netware Drvrs, v1.00459200
13804031.exeGeneric IDE CD-ROM Driver v1.1053583
14055031.exeAdvantage! 94xx HD Rest, v1.00729221
14056031.exeAdvantage! 9406 Hard Disk Rest, v1.00714937
14057031.exeAdvantage!2000,4400, HDR,v1.00 SNG513176
14059031.exeAdvantage! 9414 HD Restore, v1.00732482
14094031.exeAdvantage! HDR 7000/9000, v1.01/Asia895314
14154031.exeAdvantage! 430 Pentium 166 HDR717039
14156034.exeAST Adventure! 2xx/4xx HD Restore, v1.03725206
14158031.exeAdvantage! 4x K5 AMD HD Restore, v1.00722919
14179031.exeAdvantage! 9404/9405/9413 HD Rest,v1.00725139
14180031.exeSanyo 16X CAV CDROM Driver, v1.0074149
14288031.exeAdvantage! 9311/9322 HD Restore, v1.00725833
14325031.exeAdvantage!94xx Hong KongHDRestore,v1.00731320
14326031.exeAdv!94xx Singapore HD Restore, v 1.00731319
14344031.exeAdvantage! 94xx Fr/Can HD Restore,v1.00709580
14345031.exeAdvantage!94xx French HD Restore, v1.00688509
14346031.exeAST Adventure! French HDRestore, v 1.00690609
14348031.exeAST Adventure! HDR, Fr/Can, v 1.00702117
14503031.exeIntel 82557 LAN Util Bravo MS v1.00.01245893
14512031.exeHD Restore Adv! 7312, v1.00 Ireland843722
14557031.exeAdvantage! Middle East HD Restore,v1.00647703
14564032.exeAdv!2000 Chinese HD Restore, v1.01738713
14592031.exeAST Adventure!Hong Kong HDRestore,v1.001033598
14617031.exeBravo MS Hard Disk Restore, v1.00774014
14726031.exeBravo LC HDR Windows 95, BUL, v1.00615102
14727031.exeBravo LC HDR Windows 95, SUL, v1.00615614
14739031.exe3Com EtherDisk XL Ethernet Driver,v1.00721359
14740035.exeESS1868 Win95 Audio Drvrs, Release 1.011158806
14740036.exeESS1868 WinNT Audio Drvrs, Release 1.011235254
14740037.exeESS1868 Win3.x Audio Drvrs, Release 1.01778221
14740038.exeESS1868 OS/2 Audio Drvrs, Release 1.01348007
14830031.exePremium III+ HD Restore, v1.00 Pacific520143
14934031.exeBravo MST 52xx HD Restore v1.00665299
212039.exeSngl Chnl EISA SCSI Disk Array Controller339334
283314.exeNCR SCSI DRIVERS SCO UNIX V.1.06308604
370037.exeISA Configuration Utility v1.03 1 of 2795586
370038.exeISA Configuration Utility v1.03 2 of 21184725
583031.exeFlash Disk For Quantum Road Runner467290
6-8-10.arcSpeed Change of P/286 with Phoenix BIOS547
645931.exeMitsumi CD-ROM Drivers v1.0092528
759032.exeCD-ROM Access Boot Disk v. 1.10751686
807031.exeToshiba 4X CD-ROM v1.0056457
95v302i1.exeYamaha OPL-3 Sound Driver(s) Win95 1/2122774
95v302i2.exeYamaha OPL-3 Sound Driver(s) Win95 2/2848105
adv433.zipAdvantage! 4/33 Utilities v1.01151773
advcdres.exeAdvantage! 611/613/614/812 HD Restore532454
advfram.zipAST Advanced FASTRAM Utilities v1.00251998
amip.exeEnhanced Parallel Port Driver - Bravo MT15883
arc600.exeARC Utility, version 6.0139904
ast1_ie4.exeSystemWizard/IE 4.0 Patch v1.x120164
ast2ie4.exeSystemWizard/IE 4.0 Patch, v2.x394495
ast32ci1.exePatch for LANDesk Client Manager47104
astemm.zipExpanded Mem Manager v4.10 for AST Prem38647430
astpapr.bmpBravo MS-T 6000 Wallpaper, 640x480308278
ati30095.exeATI 300 Series Windows 95 Modem Drivers252219
ati600.exeATI 600 Windows 95 drivers316278
autolog.regNovell Log-in Prompt on Win95 Startup120
blucntfx.regMS Works v4.0 Error on Adv! Systems96
bravo2.zipBravo II Utilities v1.06430131
bravo286.zipBravo/286 Utils&Diags v1.20140777
bravo386.zipAST Bravo/386SX Utilities v1.11208003
bravolc.zipAST Bravo LC Utilities v1.05776376
brv28616.zipBravo 286/16 (mid-size) Utilities v1.00498488
cdromfix.exeCD-ROM Driver install disk (Advantage!)293886
cilm7895.exeBravo MS Erroneous Volt,LANDesk Client81920
cilm78nt.exeBravo MS Erroneous Volt,LANDesk Client81408
cpi_acf.exeCPI_ACF Modem Drivers86262
dbvpatch.exeFix for DoubleView Hang Problem16132
diags35.arcP/286 Diagnostics v3.5 for Phoenix BIOS!114667
dosboot.exeDOS Bootdisk Utility v2.0397659
drv_info.exeDriver Identification Utility, v1.00.0432878
fastb386.zipFASTboard/386 Utilities v1.22293532
fcworks3.astCorrected FCWORKS3.AST Canadian Systems651
frcdrest.exeAdvantage! 614/812 French CD Restore Disk517099
laneadd.exeBravo LC Ethernet LAN Address Utility8365
lc2srfsh.exeBravo LC2/Synchronous Refresh Util v1.0025933
mshdc.infMS Win95 Configuration File13670
msmixmgr.dllMS Mixer Manager For Sierra Audio Rack Mixer12688
nwlsproc.exeFix for Arabic Win95 Login Prob Netware1411271
pr-eisa.zipPremium EISA Software Utilities v1.02275157
pr-eisac.zipPremium EISA Configuration Utils v2.64696464
pr286.zipPremium/286 Utils&Diags v5.00199533
pr386&c.zipPremium/386 & /386C Utils&Diags v5.00258319
pr38616.zipPremium 386/16 Utils&Diags v1.30242532
pr38625.zipPremium 386/25 Utils&Diags v1.30242692
pr38633.zipPremium 386/33 Utils&Diags v1.21242102
pr386sx.zipPremium 386SX/16 Utils&Diags v1.00221243
prem2.zipPremium II Utils v2.03 (BIOS 2.00 only!)447185
premutil.zipAST Premium Utilities v1.09247741
prmadmt.exePremmia Administrator Tools v1.0079579
pwrutil.zipPower Premium Utilities v1.01418631
remm35.sysREMM v3.5 (EMS 3.2 Spec) - Systems Users15744
remmx.zipBravo/286 Expanded Memory Emulator4678
sanyo209.exeSanyo 16X CD-ROM Firmware, v2.09308394
scsiflsh.exeQuantum/Seagate Firmware Update Utility448419
setide.exeIDE Enhancement Configuration Utility v1.0126422
syncprnt.exeSyncro Connect Office Patch1350660
tsycdrom.sysTorisan CD-ROM DOS Driver, v1.42b9922
vebedsk1.exePrint Advantage! Manuals W/95 v1.0 1/4672700
vebedsk2.exePrint Advantage! Manuals W/95 v1.0 2/41387305
vebedsk3.exePrint Advantage! Manuals W/95 v1.0 3/41395032
vebedsk4.exePrint Advantage! Manuals W/95 v1.0 4/41045795
w31v1091.exeYamaha OPL-3 Sound Driver(s)Win3.1x 1/2365111
w31v1092.exeYamaha OPL-3 Sound Driver(s)Win3.1x 2/2897328
whipfix.exeJoystick Fix for Gremlin's Whiplash545394
wntv100.exeYamaha OPL-3 Sound Driver(s) WinNT 3.5x97143
ws286tst.zipPremium Workstation/286 Confidence Test38830
ws386sx.zipPremium WorkStn 386SX/16 Utils&Diags v1.10234893
11653031.exeAdvantage! 570+ Hard Disk Restore, v1.00489089