AST Miscellaneous Files

10565034.exeLogitech Mouse Driver v.6.12184690
11874031.exeAST DMI Utilities v.1.00711169
11877032.exeVGA Drivers for S3 Trio 32/64 v.1.42B22900589
11879031.exeHard Disk Restore Boot Disk (Canadian Fr634617
11884031.exeQuantum Lightning IDE F/W Update Fix162594
12454034.exeCrystal CS4232 Drivers Windows NT v1.20227555
12491031.exeReal Mode DOS Drivers v1.00531052
13354031.exeToshiba 8X CD-ROM Driver, v1.69880923
13507031.exeTaladdin DOS Box Fixup Diskette, v1.00673813
162032.exeRacal Ethernet Drivers Rel 2194869
375037.exeATI Mach 32 Video Drivers v1.02 (1 of 3)1005572
375038.exeATI Mach 32 Video Drivers v1.02 (2 of 3)1035622
375039.exeATI Mach 32 Video Drivers v1.02 (3 of 3)933871
375310.exeATI Mach32 VIDEO DRIVERS V2.6 1 OF 21158021
375311.exeATI Mach32 VIDEO DRIVERS V2.6 2 OF 21432693
469932.exeSony 55e CD-ROM Driver (IDE) v2.00204885
693031.exeATI Mach64 Japanese windows drivers 1/31119913
693032.exeATI Mach64 Japanese windows drivers 2/31404842
693033.exeATI Mach64 Japanese windows drivers 3/31207955
730033.exeHard Disk Restore Boot Disk v.1.00663229
759031.exeCD-ROM Access Boot Disk527864
850031.exe3-Mode Floppy support utility v.1.0035417
adaptec.zipAdaptec SCSI Support Drivers Disk v1.01146497
allibs.zipAll of the Informational Bulletins in One File55824
allsbs.zipAll of the Software Bulletins in One File468066
alltbs.zipAll of the Technical Bulletins in One File1066453
ati-m32.exeVGA Drivers For ATI 680000 v1.03-Win 3.1745513
ati64fix.exeATI Mach 64 Video Driver Fix15800
atiattdr.exeATI/AT&T Modem Drivers Win95, v1.0316735
aticntl.exeATI Mach64 file fix for Arabic Windows50501
battdrv.exeWin95 v4.27 Boca AT&T Modem569420
brockdrv.exeBoca/Rockwell Modem Drivers Win95, v1.3300408
bvhsvga.dllOS/2 VGA driver for WD90C3122448
clock.zipTime Of Day Driver for DOS Environment947
dac960.exeDAC960 EISA SCSI Drivers v1.02801312
daccfnew.exeDACADM.NLM & DACMON.NLM for Netware 4.1559061
dacos2.exeDAC960 OS/2 2.1 Drivers (1.00)113803
esdi_fmt.exeESDI Drive Format for WD Controllers51712
find-ata.exeHard Drive Identification Program23728
fraastdu.exeFrench AST Disk Utility Fix76908
jumbo303.exeColorado Tape Software Version 3.03326714
keyb.zipInternational Keyboard Drivers42483
lfdmutil.zipAST Large Fixed Disk Maint. Utils. v1.0145189
locmodrv.exeLocal Motion Video Drivers v1.01396142
madge.exeMadge Token Ring Drivers For Windows NT99276
mconnatt.exeUpgrade M Connect v1.8 w/AT&T Chipset2400234
mousewrp.exeLogitech Mouse Driver for OS/2 Warp 3.027209
os2-sped.zipSPEED.EXE support under OS/22675
racalnt.exeWindows NT Fix For Racal Interlan ES321058833
serial.exeFix For Serial Port Lockup for SMC I/O35531
smartdrv.zipMicrosoft Smartdrive v4.216721
sonycdx2.exeSony Dual Speed CD-ROM Driver v1.0028783
spctrm16.exePro Audio Spectrum Driver Disk957750
speed.arcS/W Speed Change for P/286 with AST-BIOS8115
vga-1dwa.zipAutoCAD 1DW VGA Drivers v1.001009420
wfw.exeCorrected files for ASTDU to make Disk 616583
wfwfin.exeASTDU fix to make Disk 6 of WFW Norwegia16226
wfwnor.exeASTDU fix to make Disk6 for WFW Finland16229