AST GRiD Files

1500.zip15xx Configuration Utilities50030
1660.zip1660 Utility Disk67452
1660bios.zip1660 BIOS Program72486
1720.zip1720 Utilities57179
1910bios.exeFlash BIOS For GRiDPAD RC, HD & RF273346
2-20rel.exe2.20 BIOS - Releaseed - GRiD ONLY!125353
2260bios.exeFlash BIOS Files For 2260131687
2260mil.zip2260 MIL for PenPoint (Pre-Release)42460
2270bios.exeFlash BIOS Files For 2270196966
2350bios.exeFlash BIOS Files For PalmPAD 2350365146
2360bios.exeFlash BIOS Files For PalmPAD SL533179
386is16.zip386IS-16 Utilities and Setup Files106196
80xfm21.zipWindows Video Drivers for MFP+ L Series623027
aha1740.cfgConfiguration driver9911
apt.zipEISA Config Program for APT425/450376585
cache420.comCaching Util for MFP420s Desktop11720
cache450.comUtil to Disable/Alter Cached Memory11684
cal2260.zipCalibration Program for the 226033380
ccu.exe4025 Card Configuration Utilities10737
cdrom.zipCD-ROM Device Driver for 1550 Laptop32529
cfglib.zipCaching Util for GRID MFP420s Desktop393304
cldos.exeVGA Drivers v1.01 For CL542x Chipset/DOS579710
cleisa.exeClear EISA Utility5312
clk1660.exeLets Clock Run In Resume Mode on 16607662
cmcdd.sysPCMCIA SRAM Card Driver for Convertible10115
comreset.zipReset the COM ports on any system6664
comswap.comCOM swap utility.25
conf1450.exeConfig File for 145013664
conf1520.exeConfig File for 152019328
conf1550.exeConfig File for 155022048
conf1810.exeConfig File for 18105564
config.exeGeneric config File for GRiD Laptops2142
crdsrv2.exeCard services 2.01 beta544578
devices.exeShows Available Devices on 12xx & 15xx2832
dsgrid.exeAutoCAD Drivers for 1550sx Units17362
ei25ecu.exeEISA Config Program for 486EI-25/SVR302404
emm.sysExp Mem Manager for 104x, 12xx & 15xx16176
ethcart.exeNovell driver for GRiD 15xx Ethernet17528
ethernet.zipEthernet Cartridge Driver for 15xx32457
extbrel.sysPrevents Ext.BIOS data area conflicts268
fp.comFlash BIOS for MFP+ L Series6030
grd22207.exeGRiD 2.22.07 Eval BIOS112574
grid2-21.exeGRID FLASH BIOS 2.21145309
gridscan.exeDetails Config Info on 12xx/15xx units12082
hdfixup.com1660 XBDA Hard Disk Parameter Fix217
help33.hlpDOS 3.30 Help File96103
help40.hlpDOS 4.01 Help File61460
hsect.comLow-Level Format ST506/ESD, MFM & RLLI Drive6576
ibmtoken.zipIBM 16/4 token ring drivers disk59050
int4146.comXBDA Relocation File1120
inthi.exeUtility to Set IRQ Priorities617
irq3hi.exeUtility to Set IRQ Priorities on 1550617
lsl.comODI Driver for Novell Netware 3.xx7662
mdmstat.comModem Util Shows Active Profile Parms1693
memcard.exeRAM Card Format Util for Convertible46400
mode2.exeMode Utility for DOS 3.28960
nasser.exeGRiD 2.22 BIOS285756
nmicfg.comUse w/Comm Prgrm to access Proxim on RF109
notify.cSample Digitizer Code4896
old1720.comSetup program for 1720s with old BIOS31424
pcic.zipIntel PCMCIA Utility50827
pcmaster.sysGRiDCase Plus File Transfer Driver3413
pcmccu.exeNew Card Config Util for 2260 & 227011332
pcminfo.comPCMINFO for the GRiD Convertible 22601755
pcslave.exeGRiDCase Plus File Transfer Program4496
pencell.exePenCell Working Model397796
penco.plsPenCell Help File For Working Model2628
penkbd.exeOn-Screen Keyboard for GridPAD SL 205015488
penmouse.comPen-based Mouse Driver for DOS Apps5646
plog.comPAD Login for Netware RF Server19470
power172.comPower Management Program for the 17205042
powr1660.comPower Management Program for the 16606854
rf311.zipPADLINK 2.2 and 3.11. LAN_DRV_49779399
s3dos1.zipS3 Video Chipset DOS Driver226428
s3win311.zipS3 Video Chipset Win3.1 Drivers (1 of 2)783710
s3win312.zipS3 Video Chipset Win3.1 Drivers (2 of 2)786729
sdpgridc.zipSPD SunDisk Driver for Convertible4965
set1660.comSetup Program for the 1660 laptop48321
set166c.comSetup Program for the 1660C Color laptop48012
set1680.exeSETUP PROGRAM FOR THE 1680 LAPTOP51025
set17220.comSetup Program for the 1722 laptop31424
set1726a.comSetup Program for the 1726A laptop31676
set1726b.comSetup Program for the 1726B laptop34750
set1750.comSetup Program for the 1750 laptop34706
set1755.comSetup Program for the 1755 laptop33435
set320s.comSetup File for 320s/MFP Systems31644
setpass.exePassword Program for GRiD Laptops15996
setpassx.exe1550 Password Program15472
setup.comSetup for 286IS,3000,3000HL,4000,4000LX27680
setup172.comSetup File for 172010780
setup20.comSetup File for 386iSX2026766
setup2mp.comSetup File for 286MFP31452
setup3mp.comSetup File for 386MFP2027546
setup3sx.comSetup File for 386iSX and 4000SX29504
setupdx.comSetup File for 4016DX30662
setupe33.exeSystem Setup File For the GRiD 486ei3324353
setupl20.comSetup File for 386is2032413
setupl25.comSetup File for 4025LX & 4020LX30106
setuplx.comSetup File for 386is & 4000LX28816
setupmsg.comS Box Enable/Disable Program for 20501152
setupnl.comSetup File for 3000NL(010400)28896
setupnls.comSetup File for 3000NL29184
setups16.comSetup File for 386is1632415
setups25.comSetup File for 386is2530580
setups33.comSetup File for 386is33 & 4033LX32415
setupsx.comSetup File for 386sxmfp26416
setupxl.comSetup File for 2500XL30144
slboot.comRAM Boot Program for 2050473
socket.zipSocket Services Drivers for GRiD 226022135
ssu.exe4025: Socket Service Driver6464
temm.sysExpanded Memory Manager for DOS 3-4xx52203
temm1720.sysExpanded Memory Manager for 172014202
tg222.exeGRID 4025 BIOS - Released285756
tg22205.exeGRiD 4025 Eval BIOS 2.22.05298521
tg22302.exeGRiD 2.23.02 EVAL BIOS297142
tg22306.exeEval BIOS 2.23.06127538
unsuprtd.zipUnsupported PenRight! Development Tools141628
update.zipWin4PEN Drivers for Convertible 226076504
vgamode.exeVGA Util to Change MFP+ Video Modes85618
wacom.rscPenRight! Driver for GRiDPAD SL4334
wd90c00.zipWD90C00 Video Drivers385948
wd90c30.zipWin 3.1 Video Drivers for WD90C30546875
wd90c31.zipWin 3.1 Video Drivers for WD90C31922220