3270-fts.zipAST-3270 FTS II software version 1.26A372335
3270.zipIBM 3270 Credit Card Enabler53021
3270cut2.zipAST 3270 COAX II CUT software ver 2.10288268
3gpldiag.arc3G+ Diagnostics. For all 3G+ boards.39182
3gplsutl.arc3G+ Utils (all 3G cards) DIAG/EMUL/PREV42098
432atest.comCC-432 Diagnostic Program5107
5250indc.zipProgram changes your AST-5250 indicators7594
adv2-386.zipAdvantage/2-386 Utils&Diags v1.2071314
adv2.zipAdvantage/2 Utilities v1.038030
ast-2000.sitAST-2000 Utilities version 3.0025216
ast-4000.sitAST-4000 Utilities version 3.2025856
astats.zipRAMpage/PC (aka /2) Config. Software9556
astclock.zipAST-Clock version 1.212444
backup2k.sitOld AST-2000 Backup s/w (use DataVault!)15616
backup4k.sitOld AST-4000 Backup s/w (use DataVault!)20480
cc832tst.zipDiagnostic test for the CC-832 board5341
datavalt.sitBackup s/w for AST-2000 & AST-4000 v1.1265536
emul.com3G+ Util. Changes 3G's emulation mode2386
epg.zipSupport Documents for AST Enhancement Products106000
fdd.sysv2.20 of the driver for the HotShot/2862739
fourport.zipAST FourPort/DOS Drivers version 2.00111146
hotshot.arcNew AST-HotShot/286 Drives v2.206659
instal2k.sitAST-2000 Installer v3.0023296
instal4k.sitAST-4000 Installer v4.1032000
landrvrs.zipAST EtherNet/EtherNode/RSN/Star Drivers154549
oldremms.zipThese are old 3.x versions of REMM.SYS12175
preview.com3G+ Series Util. Change 3G Config.405
ramppmc.zipRAMpagePlus/MC Utilities version 1.2057649
ramtype.sysEEMS Driver for Rampage/2-286 in PS/24254
remm470.sysUniversal REMM v4.70 for all products!321936
remm470.zipUniversal REMM v4.70 for all products!14275
rex111.sysEmulate Extended memory w/Expanded 1.112150
rex111.zipEmulate Extended memory w/Expanded v1.111477
rpp286.zipRampagePlus286 v1.20 Utils (202247-xxx)42810
rpp286cr.zipRampagePlus286 v1.00 Utils (202349-xxx)80358
rpp386mc.zipAST RampagePlus/MC 386 Utilities v1.00152125
sixpk286.zipSixPak286 Utils&Diags v1.1073932
suscan12.sitSuperScan v1.2 for TurboScan/Sheet Feed111616
suscan20.sitSuperScan v2.0 for TurboScan/Flatbed106624
tlasr122.zipTurboLaser/XL v1.22 - Driver&Font Disks2157583
tlasrdrv.zipTurboLaser/XL v1.22 - Driver Disks Only523579
tlasrfnt.zipTurboLaser/XL v1.22 - Font Disks only1615688
tlasrwn2.zipTurboLaser/XL and Windows 2.x driver21490
tlasrwn3.zipTurboLaser/XL and Windows 3.x driver20605
tlhpemul.zipTurboLaser/XL HP LaserJet Emulation 1.10381508
vga-1a.zipVGA, VGA Plus and Desktop VGA Utils v1.0489732
vga-modl.zipVGA Module Utils&Diags v3.00399065
vga-win3.zip800x600 & 256 color drivers for Win 3.xx98047