System BIOS Tables

The following is quoted directly from the AST "bios.txt" file from a few years ago. The phone numbers are probably defunct. However the website for ARI Service was still active when I last checked it.

        The BIOS tables below list the BIOS version and upgrade method for all AST
        systems, listed by system family and Part Number.  You must know the part
        number of your system to use these tables.

        To access detailed information about the BIOS upgrade, see the referenced
        document.  Software Bulletins (SBs), Technical Bulletins (TBs), and Field
        Change Notices (FCNs) are available for download on all AST On-Line

        If the upgrade is listed as a Part Number (i.e. 50XXX-XXX), then you must
        order the parts to upgrade the BIOS.  Call 1-800-727-1278, and choose Spare
        Parts to order the upgrade.

        If the upgrade is a file (I.E. XXXXXXX.EXE), then your system has "Flash
        BIOS", and can be upgraded with a floppy diskette.  You can download this
        file from the following locations:

          - AST On-Line! BBS (U.S. Phone Number 817-230-6850)
- AST Web Site (
- Compuserve (Go ASTSUPPORT)
- Prodigy (Jump: ASTSUPPORT)
05500310.exePower Premium/Premium SE BIOS Update 2.1197745
05500311.exeManhattan P/V/G - Premmia GX NCR SCSI v1.08101886
05508313.exePremmia Flash BIOS Update v2.03130799
05538031.exePremium GS Flash BIOS Update, v1.00998270
05545310.exeManhattan G590 Adv! 6xxxp/8xxxp BIOS 2.02131784
05547039.exeMANHATTAN P/V flash BIOS revision 1.10305690
05547311.exeManhattan P/V Flash BIOS Update, v1.13410872
05547312.exeManhattan P/V Flash BIOS Update, v1.14186686
05555034.exeManhattan G560 BIOS v2.01141979
05555035.exeManhattan G560 BIOS v2.02142331
05573038.exeManhattan S6200, CommercePro BIOS v3.80158663
05573039.exeManhattan S6200, CommercePro BIOS v3.90158770
05600033.exeSamsung Magic Power Pro 620 BIOS, v3.60443889
05600035.exeSamsung Magic Power Pro 620 BIOS, v3.90164338
05601032.exeManhattan S/CommercePro BIOS, v1.30309639
05601033.exeManhattan S/CommercePro BIOS, v1.40158368
05605031.exeManh D6200, Presence Pro BIOS v1.00.03650200
05605032.exeManh D6200, Presence Pro BIOS v1.00.04779800
05620031.exePremium KS System BIOS, v1.00.12748496
05622032.exePremium GS 62xx BIOS, v 86B.0015.P01476073
05632031.exeAST Premium HS System BIOS, v1.04217249
05632032.exeAST Premium HS System BIOS, v1.05217550
10522036.exeEisa Configuration Utility, v2.63435078
10522038.exeEISACU 2.82 Premium SE/TE w/BIOS Before v2.0403903
10522039.exeEISA Config Files for ISA Adapters v2.62181796
10603032.exeEISACU for Manhattan SMP v2.81398279
10918031.exeEISACU 2.84 Non-PCI Systems w/BIOS >= 2.0399224
11283319.exeDOS NCR SCSI drivers v1.08282587
11283320.exeSCO Unix NCR SCSI drivers v1.08443284
11371040.exeEISACU For Manhattan P/V,v1.09646238
12801034.exeManhS/6200 CommPro Cfg Util, v4.12 R1.1321795
370037.exeISA Configuration Utility v1.03 1 of 2795586
370038.exeISA Configuration Utility v1.03 2 of 21184725
508013.exePremmia Flash BIOS v2.03130799
ppbiosup.exePentium Pro BIOS Update Utility57597
smp21.exeSMP BIOS Rel 1.04 - Pentium Support111415